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This book is about how to take law school exams. But it is also a book about how to get the most out of law school, and, most importantly, about how law school and exams connect to the practice of law. All these things are related, and seeing how they are related will help you to be a better student and do better on exams.

We've called the book "Open Book" because it aims to make exams and the exam-taking process transparent, eliminating the mystery. The book's premise is really very simple: Once you understand why your professors create the sort of exams that they do, and what your professors are looking for in exam answers, you will understand how to improve your exam performance.

The best way for us to convey to you what is in the book is to provide a taste of it. The table of contents is provided below. Also, to give you the flavor of its substance and style, there are some links with a few excerpts.

We hope you will find that Open Book is a worthwhile investment, and that it offers some perspective on ? and even some humor about ? law school.

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The Bottom Line
Each chapter begins and ends by summarizing key lessons.

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