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Barry Friedman

I'm the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. I've been teaching, litigating and writing about the law for almost thirty years now (despite my youthful appearance). I've taught at the University of Alabama School of Law, Georgetown (as an adjunct) and Vanderbilt Law School, in addition to NYU. I'm mostly a public law person; in the first year curriculum I've taught Civil Procedure, Contracts and primarily Constitutional Law. My scholarship (about which there is much more on the NYU website) involves Federal Jurisdiction, Constitutional Law and judicial behavior. Teaching and students have always been important to me. I was the Vice Dean at NYU from 2007-2010. Last year I won the Al Podell Distinguished Teacher Award. I started thinking about exam-taking when I tutored fellow students at Georgetown. Eventually that thinking became a talk I called "The Pinball Theory of Exam Taking." Now I've teamed up with my long-time friend and colleague John Goldberg on Open Book.
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John Authors

John Goldberg

I've been a professor at Harvard Law School since 2008. Before then, I taught for more than a decade at Vanderbilt Law School. Prior to joining the Vanderbilt faculty, I clerked for Supreme Court Justice Byron White and District Judge Jack Weinstein, then practiced law for a couple of years at a law firm. I love teaching, especially the first-year courses. I've taught Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, and Torts, and I hope to get to the rest of the 1L curriculum soon. In my teaching and my writing, I believe in explaining things as clearly as I can. For example, the simple idea behind my co-authored Torts casebook is to bring the 'ball' out of hiding, so that the real learning can start. Students seem to like this approach – the book gets great reviews and I've been fortunate enough to receive teaching awards in Torts, Contracts and Civ Pro. When Barry asked me to work with him on Open Book I was thrilled. The whole point of the book, and of this website, is to demystify exams so as to give you your very best shot at excelling on them.
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